NIMBLE is the first membership career navigation tool for lawyers and law students. Expert guidance meets user interface technology, giving members insight into suggested and appropriate action through a personal portal and dashboard designed to track and plan job searches, skill milestones, personal marketing, marketability, wellness, and focused career goals. Never before has there been a platform all about you, all in one place.

Expert Guidance

Our Advisory Board gives members unprecedented access to legal industry experts' advice and opinions with blog posts, cheat sheets, and templates.

Membership Website

Streamlined and minimalistic, NIMBLE is private, confidential, and encrypted. Double layer log-in protects sensitive information in your dynamic user interface dashboard. Choose the level that is right for you.

Career Navigation

Plan. Execute. Navigate. Step by step throughout your career, our user interface will track it all. Milestones for skill development, wellness, and marketability, along with an aggregated job search dashboard, will keep you organized and on target.

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"NIMBLE is innovative and disruptive. There is nothing like this in the market."

Doug (2015 JD, Miami, FL)